You are STRONG

We all have days when we don’t exactly feel Hulk-ish…hulk

There are days that our obstacles just seem bigger, tougher than we are.

But… that is simply untrue.

YOU are incredibly strong! Don’t believe me? Here’s some examples from your body:

Your stomach faces a lot of turmoil, acid, digestion, food particles. But no worries, your stomach actually gets through this beating by creating a new lining every 3-5 days!

Your bones are INCREDIBLY strong.  A matchbox size of bone can support 18,000 pounds!

If all 600 muscles in your body contracted at the same time, in the same direction you could lift over 20 TONS of resistance!

In your lifetime, your heart will have pumped enough blood to fill 13 super oil tankers!

Let’s take this waaay back. The probability of the proper sperm meeting the proper egg to form YOU: 1 in 400 QUADRILLION. That is a strong sperm and egg combo to create the amazing YOU!

Those are just some of the physical strength facts, your mind is even more powerful!

Think of all the trials and tribulations in history that humans have overcome. 1 big one: surviving so dang long! Scientists have named 1.9 million animal species (so far) that have gone extinct, yet humans still thrive.

Humans have overcome wars, plagues, catastrophes, natural disasters, you name it and yet our clocks keep on ticking.

You are also INCREDIBLY fast:

The speed of pain sensations is about 0.61 m/s. In contrast, the speed of proprioception/muscle position is 119 m/s.

Meaning you are always able to move faster than the pain 🙂

Whatever it is you are facing today/this week, know this. YOU ARE STRONG enough to overcome!

Have a powerful day!

Yours in health,

Dr. Lindeman


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