How Can a Mattress Affect Back Pain?

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How Can a Mattress Affect Back Pain?

Does your back hurt all the time? Are you waking up with aches and pains? Maybe it’s time to think about the surface you’re sleeping on.

Did you know that the bed you sleep on can make a huge difference when it comes to how much you hurt? For some people, a new bed can resolve their pain completely. For others, it is part of a comprehensive treatment program that helps them feel a lot better.

But Does Your Mattress Support You?

Sure, your bed is comfy, but does it really support you? A supportive bed will keep your spine in neutral alignment all night long. This means that your spine isn’t twisted or torqued in any particular direction but can relax and be held into the position it’s supposed to hold.

It might help to think about other types of movements and pain. If you sit with your leg twisted funny, it will ache after just a few minutes. If you force yourself to stay in that position a long time, it will hurt quite a bit when you get up. Now, imagine if you held yourself there for 7-8 hours. You would be in significant amounts of pain. This is what happens to your back when your bed isn’t supportive.

You also want a bed that doesn’t cause your body to collapse in on itself. Beds that are too soft for you can allow your body to fold up in ways that will cause pain, come morning.

Finding a Supportive Mattress

It’s all well and good to say that you need a new mattress, but what should you look for? The most important thing is that whatever mattress you get works for you. Different people will like different beds, based on their sleeping position, how much they weigh, how much they move around at night, and more.

The best place to start is with a medium firm mattress. These have been shown to help the most back pain sufferers. However, it’s not enough to buy the first medium firm mattress you encounter. You’ll also want to try it out. Ten minutes in the store probably isn’t long enough, though you could have someone check your spine to see if it is aligned. Instead, try to buy a mattress that has a trial period. This allows you to take it home and see if it works for you when you sleep on it every night.

Getting Better Sleep

While a good supportive mattress is key to getting good rest, you may also need to make some more changes to ensure a good night’s sleep.

  • Get checked for undiagnosed sleep conditions. If you have something like sleep apnea, treating it can make a huge difference in how well you sleep.

  • Make your bedroom conducive to sleep. Keep it as dark and silent as possible, and maintain a temperature between 60 and 65 degrees.

  • Pay attention to your sleep hygiene. Don’t expose yourself to blue light from tablets, computers, or a TV right before bed, and don’t take your phone to bed with you. Spend the last hour before bed focusing on a routine that helps you relax and wind down.

Don’t let back pain ruin your day! A good mattress and good rest can go far towards helping you feel better.

Check out: for more info! Happy (sound) sleeping 🙂

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