Brag on yourself already!


Every morning, we have a meeting before we start helping patients at our office. We set goals for the day, intentions and discuss what we are going to work on individually and as a group. We also share something positive. I lead Mondays and Thursdays, Jessica (my Office Manager Extraordinaire) leads Tuesdays, and Kristel (Chiropractic Assistant of Awesomeness) leads Wednesdays.

Today, Jessica stated a great quote she read in a motivational email: “Take the time to just brag on yourself already!”

It was perfect.

I think many of us homo-sapiens strive to improve ourselves, to grow, to make a bigger impact on our world (in a positive sense of course), and in doing so we can overlook how awesome we truly already are.

So, take some time today, away from the “planning” of the things you are going to do today and jot down some of the amazing things you have already accomplished up to today. (Check out the post: little victories for more)

Instead of writing out the places you need to go today (errands to run, etc), reflect on all the amazing places you’ve visited in your life.

Rather than just listing out all the chores, write out all the accomplishments you have already had in your life.

You are an amazing human being! (For reference, just look at this post on how amazing your body is)

You are vibrant, thriving, impactful, grateful and you make the world a better place.

Take some time to realize and brag on yourself today šŸ™‚

Yours in Health,

Dr. Joel Lindeman

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