Beat Mediocrity-LIVE



“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live.”-Stuart Scott

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, please do yourself a favor and watch Stuart Scott’s acceptance speech of the Jimmy V Award on ESPN (

If you have seen it, still, go there and watch it now. It is only about 8 minutes long, but it is profound in message about living life, fighting for life and the reasons to do so.
The vast majority of people reading this are not fighting cancer directly. They are not fighting any type of terminal illness. They are not constantly pushing and clawing to close deaths door. I bet some people are fighting horrible illnesses such as cancer, but I can say with absolute conviction that everyone is fighting their demons.
We are all trying to improve, to make an impact, to do the best we can with what we have, to thrive. At the end of our lives, the stories (in written, verbal or simple memory form) recorded will be based upon how we live, why we lived and the manner in which we lived.
Our “accomplishments” will be footnotes. Dates, times, places will be recorded for posterity, but our character will design the narrative. Who we are will determine so much more than what we do. The way we go about our lives, how we influence others, the connections we make will determine our legacies.
We may not have direct control over the obstacles we will face, but we do have within our grasp, the ability to respond to whatever is placed in front of us. We have the power to forge our days, to determine what will propel us forward, to seek out our “whys” in life. We are all blessed with the gift of conscious thought and the ability to construct and reconstruct who we are at any given time.
We can choose to look at our lives differently, to change our perspectives in order to determine who we want to become, and to live our lives in a manner consistent with that vision. We get to decide that it is ALWAYS up to us to create a life of importance, to impact others in a profoundly positive way. We get to love. We get to care. Every day we can work on forging our masterpiece for the good of all those who witness it. Whether we admit it or not, we matter to so many people in this beautiful world and we get to do our part to leave it even a bit more breathtaking with each breath we are blessed to have upon it.
So as Stuart Scott said, “Our life’s journey is about the people who touch us.” That works both ways. We touch a lot of people in our lives. It’s up to us who we will be in all of those instances. We can easily wake up each day, accept mediocrity and go through our lives. Or we can truly live. We can accept the responsibility to impact the world, to bring forth the light. We get to make that choice, every day. “So live. Live. Fight like hell.”


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