Milkshake Mindset


Recently, I learned about a study (you can read about it here) In the study, researches labeled two different milkshakes. One was labeled Indulgence and stated the shake had 620 calories, and loaded with sugars and fats. The other was labeled Sensishake labeled to have zero fat a ton less sugar.

Participants drank whichever shake they were assigned to and then a hunger hormone called ghrelin was measured. The hormone is released to tell your body you are hungry, the levels go down when you are “full.”

The people who drank the Sensishake had a much higher level of ghrelin still circulating in their bodies than the people who drank the Indulgence shake.

Here’s the kicker: THEY WERE BOTH THE SAME SHAKE! The shake was in actuality, somewhere in between the two labels.

So what does this mean?

It means OUR BELIEFS determine so much about our lives. The head researcher, Alia Crum, is quoted as saying “Our beliefs matter in virtually every domain, everything we do.”

Have you ever wanted to have a sick day to skip school or work or etc, and pretended to be under the weather, only to actually feel sick?

Our thoughts control our hormones. Our mindset determines our reality.

The good news then is that we get to decide what thoughts to have. We are in control (even if at times it seems our monkey minds are swinging all over the place).

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and a bad day seems inevitable, you can decide to change your thoughts and therefore your day. Something horrible happens? You can decide to think about the bright side, what you may learn from the experience, or connect the thoughts with joy.

You are in control of your thoughts, and therefore your body.

Think well, my friends!

-Dr Joel Lindeman

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