Four puppets, holding in hands a puzzle of multi color In reading The Book Of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World this morning, I was struck by atheme of connection. The Archbishop and The Dalai Lama both discussed how important connection is for human beings. We long for it, in fact research has shown that without connection, we will suffer and perhaps even perish.

I believe that to be true, 100%.

Some people may disagree, but I believe we are ALL connected in some ways. That is why during tragedies, we tend to band together, even with people we may never have met before.

In light of the recent devastation in Houston from Hurricane Harvey, I think we can all agree that we “feel” something for those who have lost so much. We empathize with them, we care about them and we want to help. During 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, countless school shootings, and other disastrous events, people from all walks of life donated, supported, cared for and felt the impact (even if they were far removed from the tragedy geographically).

We may lead disconnected lives at times, but when tragedy strikes we feel the connection to those who suffer.

I am grateful for connection. I am grateful that we can help those who need our help. By the way, help comes in many forms. Donations are one form, sure, but prayers, positive thoughts are also powerful ways to give aid.

Embrace the connections you have today. Both in person (as in the people you share your life with) and in thought (those you know you are connected to, but may not see today). Also realize your connection to others you haven’t met and send some love to them as well.

Thank you,

Dr. Joel Lindeman


P.S. Here are a fewcharities should you feel inclined to aid the people of Houston in that regard:


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