Connection time!

Last week, my family and I went to Yellowstone National Park. It was truly amazing! 

It was all about connection.

On the drive we connected as a family to each other and to history (we listened to a great audiobook).

In the park, we connected to nature, going for hikes everyday and noticing the beauty and serenity of nature. We also saw tons of bison, some elk, a bear and her cubs, antelope, mule deer, birds, moose, and even a porcupine using the men’s bathroom by a waterfall. 

We didn’t have any cell coverage, tv or wifi so we disconnected from all of that and truly connected as a family! We played bird games, trivia, read, wrote and enjoyed the time with each other.

It was one of the best trips I have ever had. 

So my recommendation: take some time to disconnect from all of our “schtuff” and reconnect to your family and friends. Reconnect to yourself, your passions, your creativity. Go on a long walk, read, write, color, and I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Yellowstone!!!!

One thought on “Connection time!

  1. So beautiful..and yes, people need to get back to nature. Enough electronics!!

    I get so tired of my students telling me they played electronics all weekend!!


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