Telescopic or Microscopic?


I am reading Jon Gordon’s book “The Power of Positive Leadership.” It is a great book (all of his books are, easy to read, quick, powerful and easy to implement). Today, I was struck by one of the analogies he used. He discussed the need to use a telescope and a microscope in your pursuit of inspiration, growth, learning, impact, etc.

The telescope is for looking at the big vision, your dreams, where you ultimately want to go.

The microscope is for looking at what it takes daily to make sure you are on that path.

We need BOTH every day to achieve our goals and have a lasting impact.

If we use the telescope too much (or only use the telescope), we can have big dreams, but we forget to do the work it takes to get there. We have big dreams but no action tied to them. Using the telescope too much is akin to New Years Resolutions that fail mid March.

If we are over-weighted on the microscope side, we get discouraged by small set-backs, we don’t celebrate the little victories and we can meander aimlessly.

It is vitally important to use both of these tools and to balance their use together.

How are you using your telescope and microscope today? Devote time to each and the future will be brighter, clearer, crisper and awesome-er!

Get inspecting!

-Joel Lindeman D.C.


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