Eye-0pening article on why kids should be checked and adjusted if necessary


This article  published in November of 2015 discusses the incidence of “somatic dysfunction” a.k.a “misalignment” of the spine in healthy newborns. They studied 100 healthy newborns and the results were staggering! in 99% of the newborns, some sort of imbalance was denoted. Neck misalignment was denoted in 91%, lumbar (low back) dysfunction was denoted in 94%, and sacrum (pelvis) misalignment was denoted in 80%!

These misalignments have the potential to interfere with the Nervous System (which is basically the controller and organizer of every single cell, tissue and organ in the human body).

Again, I want to stress that this article only went over “healthy” newborns. Imagine the amount of biomechanical/misalignment issues in un-healthy kiddos!

I am truly honored to get to check and help out a ton of amazing children in our office. I am grateful for the knowledge gained through my undergraduate degree in sports medicine, my chiropractic degree and my post-graduate education in Pediatrics, Nutrition, Acupuncture and more. I love helping the families in our community and I want to spread the word about the importance of chiropractic care for children!

Have an amazing week!


Joel Lindeman DC

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