Who are you becoming?


This image flashed on my Facebook feed this morning and it gave me pause. I LOVE IT! It sums up a lot of things very eloquently.

It is vitally important to love who you are right now. All of you. The shiny and the broken pieces.  The seen and the unseen. The parts we want to flaunt and the parts we want to hide.  

THAT (what I just wrote in the last few sentences) is NOT really that simple. We have to work at loving ourselves fully. And it is truly worthwhile work, even if it isn’t easy.

Each of us are made up of multiple pieces, breaks and scars… but it’s those pieces that make us whole. Don’t try to polish your stone before you share your gifts with the world. The fractures create a mosaic, beautiful, jagged and full of character. That’s you. That’s me.

If we try to smooth them over, to attain perfection, we hide our gifts, we punish our souls. We are all imperfect. That is an undeniable fact. If we hide ourselves, that is the ultimate form of selfishness.

The world needs you. We all need “what you got!” Learn to love your imperfections, and let your soul shine so that we all can benefit from its brilliant light. 

And then, realize that to truly be the best person you can be, you need to work at changing what that looks like. You need to be happy with who you are at this very moment, with every intention of even loving who you can become even more.

We can’t get upset that we “aren’t there yet.” Because “there” isn’t a destination, it’s a process. By learning, listening, reading, growing our compassion, growing our understanding, growing in our ability to be better parents, spouses, friends, employees, employers, etc we are becoming who we truly should be.

Work at improving ourselves this year…definitely. But be happy with who we are right this very second too…

Thanks for reading-Joel Lindeman D.C.


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