Daily Prompt: Faded

via Daily Prompt: Faded

Friendships form a solid foundation…Give thanks for relationships, whether they be strong currently or their bonds are more of a remembrance…Friendship should be acknowledged for their absolute amazing importance.

Looking at old pictures popping up on my computer i realize So much time has passed. I’m definitely different, completely different but I feel the same.
My first thoughts nowadays are of my children, my wife, my job. I have a mortgage, retirement plans, a dog, college savings for the kids. My weekdays are about getting the kids to school and getting to my job rather than getting up late and trying to figure out what to eat for lunch or where the party would be this weekend. My weekends are about kids soccer games, chores and family time rather than house parties, clubs and staying up past 2 am.
But inside I still laugh at the same stupid jokes whether with my friends or to myself. I make idiot comments with my buddies and we all laugh we all reminisce about time gone by…that doesn’t seem so long ago but at the same time feels like ages. We still connect, we still share, but far less frequently.
The bonds that exist remain solid even if some friendships have tattered and faded through time.
My friends helped make me who I am. Without them I wouldn’t have my wife, my kids, my awesome job, my amazing life. The mistakes I made back then now equate to hilarious stories when we share a beverage or get together for birthdays or other such occasions (although that happens way too seldom). The dramas and mishaps we went through are good for a chuckle…that we dare not let our children overhear.
We grew up together. We became who we are now by having each other through high school and college, graduate school, and beyond. We shared time, tons of laughter and bouts of pain. The connections we formed help stabilize who we are now.
Because when we were trying to figure it all out, we had each other to help us through, even though we had no idea that is exactly what we were doing. We were just along for the ride, brothers in arms, stumbling through time.
I am so grateful for all my friends, past, present and future. Without their friendship, my life would most definitely be unsteady.


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