Daily Prompt: Daring

via Daily Prompt: Daring


Have you done something daring today? Many people may equate “daring” with “dangerous” but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Just this morning, a patient came into my office after doing something daringly dangerous, and it didn’t end great for him. He limped in after taking part in a motorcycle crash on the highway….Not the end he had in mind.

But you can be daring in other (safer) ways as well! Daring can be defined as “adventurous courage.” And courage doesn’t always have to be dangerous.

One way to let your courage shine through is to simply go against the grain a bit. Lloyd Dobler, (the lead character played by John Cusack, in the outstanding 1989 movie, Say Anything) put it best when he said “I’m looking for a dare to be great situation.” I believe we all look for ways in which we can excel, ways we can leave our mark upon the world.


That mark doesn’t have to be made by jumping out of airplanes or running into a burning building. You can dare to be great by trying to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be…today.

In her phenomenal book, “Daring Greatly”, Brene Brown discusses that the most courageous people are not necessarily kickboxing bad-guys, they are even more powerful by being AUTHENTIC. They let themselves, be themselves. They let the world see them for who they are and for who they want to be.  So….

Smile more, laugh more, help others, donate, exercise, read, learn, sing, dance, hug, love, be inventive. Go against the norm in being the vibrancy your world (our world) needs.

Make sure you are taking care of your health and the health of your family (as you probably know the “norm” in our society doesn’t lean to the healthy side). You can be daring by eating well, making an effort to get the healthcare you need, get checked and adjusted by your chiropractor, exercise, make smoothies in the morning, consciously reach for vegetables instead of chicken nuggets…

Your greatness will have many opportunities to shine today. Dare to let it!

Joel Lindeman D.C.

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