“…Honoured Guests…”


What if, just for today, we were to treat each individual we “bump” into on our daily stroll through life as an honored guest? We are all traversing our own paths on this beautiful spinning globe, and yet, when you think about it, on a day-to-day basis we interact with quite a large number of people:

Our family, of course. Our neighbors. The guy in front of us at the coffee shop, the mother with children in tow behind. The mail carrier. The lady in the wheelchair heading into the same building we are walking toward. Our coworkers. The gentleman parking his car in the space next to ours.

What if (even just internally) we noticed all of these individuals, stopped just for a moment to realize they are all going through their own struggles, their own victories. What if we just took a moment to honor the fact that they too are guests in this world.

We can start but just acknowledging every single one of them. Let’s stop texting, or Pokemon searching and instead smile at them (funny thing, if we smile they will most likely smile back, and studies show smiling secretes “good” hormones, reduces stress, improves health and does about 156,897 other awesome things). Let’s all just take some time today to treat those we come in contact with as guests of honor.

Because, let’s face it, none of us will be here long enough for the mountains to remember us. We are all guests on this wonderful Earth. Let’s share in that camaraderie :).

Have an awesome Tuesday!

~Joel Lindeman D.C.


P.S. We work on treating all of our patients in this regard. As an office, we hold meetings with the sole purpose of improving the service we provide. It is truly an honor to help all those that we can.

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