pingback: Awe

In response to today’s prompt: Awe

Awe is defined as: a feeling of reverential respect, mixed with fear or wonder.

Pretty solid definition. When I think of the word, I picture a kiddo, looking at the world through fresh lenses, everything is amazing, and everything is wonderful!


Kinda like that :).

At some point in our lives, we seem to move away from the awe and into the blah… We stop noticing just how amazing everything around us truly is. (Now in some respect, this is good, we can’t walk around with our jaw on the ground all the time, because we have stuff to do, and you know…bugs…)

But what if we took some time each day to just simply NOTICE. Listen to the birds, feel the Air Conditioner on your skin (that thing is definitely AWESOME when its almost 100 degrees outside), look at all the people you come in contact with, notice the sunshine, feel your heart beating, notice your breath, watch the clouds move in the sky, drink in the fresh water, observe the planes soaring through the air, … all of these things are fantastic if we just stop every once in a while and give them their due.

So today, do me a favor (fellow blog readers) and just notice all that’s around you (if even just for 5 minutes). I promise it will make you feel full of respect (revered with it even) and maybe mixed in with a bit of wonder and/or a bit of fear. The point is allow  AWE to return to your daily life:)

-Joel Lindeman D.C.



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