Who (or what) is your companion?

In response to today’s prompt: Companion

Companion is defined as someone (or something) with whom one spends a lot of time with or with whom one travels.

Simple enough. It’s easy to see this when we are on a road trip, golfing, heading to the store, or just running around town.  Who is in the car, seated next to us? Who is beside us in the golf cart?

But what about when you travel alone? What about when you are all prepared for work, and you head to make your morning commute (sans carpool)? Who/what is your companion then?  You see we all bring something with us wherever we go. Our thoughts are always our companions.

If you were going to head on a 3 day road-trip, you would probably take some time to pick out who was going to go with you. You wouldn’t just say “whoever wants in, climb on in,” there would have to be some sort of selection process (or maybe you are the type of person who flows with the wind and it wouldn’t matter, but most of the time there would be some sort of process, albeit probably less formal than a sit-down interview with potential candidates for said road-trip). You would not want “Mr puts every sign they see into a song sung to the tune of It’s a Small World” and probably not “Mrs. Let’s talk about my last Proctology appointment the whole time” either.

The point is you would choose who you spent your time with.

Why don’t we do that with our thoughts?

(I love the song: Car Radio by TwentyOne Pilots, it basically goes over a lot of this very thing)

I am not saying we can consciously control our thoughts at every waking moment, but we can choose the response we have to them. We can also choose how long we dwell on them. If you need to work through some negativity, by all means do so, but be selective in your companions for the long haul. Think positive. Observe the beauty that surrounds you. Sing your favorite song (Even if it happens to be that song about the milkshake and the boys in the yard, no one is going to judge, they should be singing too).

Find joy in the ordinary, daily things. Start and end (and even in the middle) the day with gratitude, happiness and light. Let those be your companions. (Just make sure they don’t distract you from the task at hand…driving 😉

Because even when you are by yourself, you aren’t alone :).

Safe travels!

-Joel Lindeman D.C.


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