It’s only Natural…

Such a common thought…”it’s only natural to _____.”  Nature is truly amazing, the very fact that we are here, on this Earth, surrounded by sky, plants, animals, air… it is truly amazing.

So first off, no matter what, nothing in nature should be thought of as “only.”  🙂

But more to the point, many times this phrase is followed by something negative. “It’s only natural to care about yourself more than others.” “It’s only natural to eat too much.” “It’s only natural to be afraid.” “It’s only natural to fight (for your right… to party, had to throw some Beastie Boys in there ;).”

We can sometimes blame our shortcomings on our natural instincts, and sometimes we are completely correct in that assessment.  But we are missing a huge chunk of reality when we do so.

Nature definitely has a hand in all our our thoughts and actions, but we also have a brain and it’s only natural to use it. We definitely have portions of mind controlled by our primitive brain (eat, sleep, danger, shelter, eat, sleep, danger…) but our educated brain can over-ride these when we allow it to do so.

Instincts are there for a reason, they can be used as a BEGINNING to propel us into action or thought. The key is taking that next step. So allow nature to do it’s job and help you asses things, but use your heart, mind and soul to make a decision on where to go from there. In order for this world to continue to improve, we must actively work at it. We must take what nature has given and care for it, including everyone around us.

P.S. I also hear “it’s only natural to have headaches.” or “It’s only natural for my stomach to hurt so much.” or variations of those themes. ALL. THE. TIME.  There is nothing natural about these situations. Most times, people just don’t realize how good they are supposed to feel.  I would be honored to help through chiropractic and acupuncture. It truly is NATURAL to feel GREAT! If I am nowhere near you, and you need a recommendation, I have people I trust all across the U.S. and would be honored to point you in their direction. Get back to feeling great, and realize that is truly what nature intended 🙂


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