Understand that you don’t understand, understand?

One of my mentors said that line to us at a seminar:  “Sometimes you need to understand that you don’t yet understand…understand?”  At first glance, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But in context, it definitely does.

Each person in this world is going through their own lives. They have struggles, accomplishments, situations, victories, and so on and on. Sometimes when people cross our paths and “irk” us:  cutting us off while driving, arguing loud on their phones, jump out of the soup isle in Target screaming “Whoever took the last box of Archer Farms Tomato Basil soup will rue the day they did!” (No way that last one has only happened to me..).

When we start to feel impeded upon and we jump to anger or disgust or judgement, remember that we need to gain understanding. We don’t know what they are going through, their lives could be hellish right now. Their struggles could be much larger than ours. And even if in reality, their struggles are not worse than ours in this very moment, the fact of the matter is, we don’t understand what they are going through, because we are not walking in their shoes.

Before we jump on the judgement train the next time we perceive an offense, we should take a breath, calm ourselves and we should work to understand that we don’t undestand…understand?

(And by the way, getting angry and raising our blood pressure in situations like this is a sure-fire way to move away from health and wellness. Chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation, exercise, all of these things can help keep us more balanced so we are calmer and ready to handle these situations with greater ease…. just sayin’ 😉


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