I opened up my WordPress Gratitude Blog today, ready to write what I was grateful for today and I read the daily prompt from WordPress, “connected” and realized, this is an amazing topic.  So here is my response:

We live in a world where we are CONSTANTLY ‘connected’ to technology and the internet. Wifi is everywhere (and if it isn’t we feel a bit aghast, because let’s face it, that a restaurant without Wifi is basically a restaurant without water). We are connected on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and probably about 4.5621 million sites that I never have even heard of.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ALL THESE CONNECTIONS (I myself, and Lindeman Chiropractic are splattered all over them).

The problem begins to rear it’s head when these connections allow us to disconnect from the present, from the people, places and things that are right under our noses. When we live our lives to push these connections in the cloud and we forget about connecting to the space we have in front of us.

If we put more energy into the 2,456 “friends” we have on Facebook than the 1 friend who asked us to coffee…. see where I am going here?

It is SO easy to disconnect ourselves from the present. And maybe that is why we all love it so much. Isn’t it easier to be partially here than to be fully present?

Psychologists have shown that as humans, we have a basic need for connection. In fact, without connection, our health and longevity suffers. (check out this article for more:

So we are thirsty for connection, and the easiest way to get that fix is to reach for our phones, not to call and talk to someone, but to scroll through these connections. We get that short release of neurotransmitters in our brain that help us feel better, for a short while. The difference is the lack of depth. Again, not that there is an inherent problem with this route, it is just that it seems to be the “easy” way to get the desires met. And when easy takes away from reality we are on the wrong path.

The reason any of you are reading this blog is that you strive for real connection. Writing, reading, art, all of these things are ways to feed, soothe and share our souls. We want to be interconnected with others who share the same desires. So keep on keeping on.

But don’t neglect the right here, right now (cue the Jesus Jones song). Breathe in and notice all that is around you. Hug your loved ones. Ask questions that need answers. Stimulate thought. Build love. Share laughter. Live in the present and truly connect.

As a Chiropractor, my whole goal is to connect your brain to your body. I look for any areas that disconnection (or interference to 100% connection) exists and I try to remove the interference. My goal is to connect you to your vitality.  The Chiropractic adjustment is incredibly powerful, but it is up to you to ensure you are living your most optimal life, and truly connecting to your time here. (And for all of those I have the honor to treat, know this: I will always do my best to be connected to you during the precious time we have. In fact, I have a mantra I say to myself before I ever lay my hands on a patient: “Connected. Love. Intent.”)

By all means, keep the social media going (I am a fan), but don’t let it take away from being truly SOCIAL in your REAL LIFE.

Thanks for reading!

Joel Lindeman D.C.

2 thoughts on “Are you connected?

  1. Hey Dr. Joel,

    I am grateful for discovering this blog post today. Yes, this world is robust where we are CONSTANTLY ‘connected’ to technology and the internet 24/7.

    Wifi is everywhere and a restaurant without Wifi is essentially a restaurant without water – Haha, this is a profound and truth-seeking comparison.

    Connections, connections, connections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – and I have been somewhat successful at keeping my social media exposure to a minimum.

    But what’s interesting is I don’t really use the social media sites to connect. I just absently scroll the timelines. The number of friends and likes are moreso vanity metrics but I have a plan for traffic generation in the near future so I have an excuse – somewhat.

    Most connections are not real friends but people in my past. It is weird – I’m connecting with them online so that they will view my content and maybe one day I will meet them in person but ultimately, these “connections” allow me to disconnect from the present and I agree it is a problem so I’ve been working on mindfulness.

    This post is absolutely loaded with great reminders and nuggets of wisdom which have adjusted my focused on living in the present and truly connecting.

    I am inspired to live my real life today, rather than through my social media personas. Excellent delivery and thank you for sharing this message Dr. Joel!


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