With all due respect to Yoda…

Too often, we believe or we learn to believe that we have “good” emotions and “bad emotions.”  I don’t know everything about the world, but I am pretty sure our Creator didn’t provide us with anything we don’t really need (take that Appendix!), least of all emotions.

But Dr. Lindeman… “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”-(Little in stature but powerful green dude)

I’m not usually one to disagree with Yoda, but in this case I can at least start a debate.

Things, instances, situations can make you angry.  

That is ok. Anger, in itself isn’t necessarily bad. If we act upon our anger (or sometimes refuse to act, more on that later), that’s when we move down the wrong path.

We, as human beings, have souls, we have hearts, we have feelings and they can occasionally be hurt. We naturally feel anger in these moments. If we lash out with anger as our fuel, bad things happen. We injure ourselves or others, we act irrationally, we damage…

The same can happen if we try to bury the anger. If we try to pretend it isn’t there, we create wounds on the inside that fester and grow and slowly disease our souls. That, obviously, isn’t good either.

The key to dealing with anger is to, well…deal with it. Don’t bury it, don’t explode with it. But allow it to have it’s time. Notice it. Find the root(s) of it and then work on letting it out in a non-destructive way. Write, yell, hit a pillow, etc, but it needs it’s escape.

Then, find a way to see the flip side (there is ALWAYS a flip side). What about this situation can we be grateful for? Or besides this situation, what (in this very moment) can we find joy in? What can calm us? Can we just breathe through the anger? You always have options in every moment, find the best one and go with it.

So, the point is (with all due respect to Yoda), anger isn’t inherently evil. It’s when we give it more power than it should have, when we combine it with negative action and thought that the darkness of the anger grows.  The key is to allow the anger, but don’t let it be our puppet master.

Let your innate intelligence govern you. Guard your thoughts and your emotions, but always know you have a choice on how to act. Your emotions don’t rule you. Have a blessed week!

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