Life’s “phases”

Change is the only constant. You have probably heard things like that before, but have you ever sat and thought about it? Seasons change. The world spins. People change. You, yourself go through profound changes, phases throughout your life.

When we are young, we are invincible, the world is our oyster, every single thing is possible.  As we grow, we change physically, mentally, spiritually. We may notice more aches and pains. We take on more and more stress, and we change our mindset.

Doubt grows within us as we travel through our own personal timelines. We may get “stuck” in a career or a life that we never would have dreamt of as a child. We may have relationship trouble(s). We may let negativity and apathy to grow and grow.

The key is this: all of these are just phases. It is our conscious decisions to change, to switch to a new life, to reset our  mindset so to speak. We don’t have to give in, or give up… EVER. As long as we still exist on this spinning globe, a new phase is within our grasp.

If you are feeling old, do something to feel younger (and keep doing it).

If you are feeling stuck, phase into feeling un-stuck. Get creative. Foster joy and look for opportunities (they are everywhere).

If you are constantly getting jabbed by the stress spear, take that thing and break it apart. Meditate. Exercise. Read. Handle the stress, don’t let it handle you.

Decide that the next phase of your life is going to be one of health (Chiropractic can help there), happiness and prosperity. Don’t let the negative phase of your life write your story. You are the author, change it up. 🙂


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