Survival? Is that truly LIVING?

In today’s hustle and bustle world, there is so much to do, and so much that gets un-done. Time seems to dissolve faster than our breath. We can get stuck on stress-mode. Fight or flight is a constant boxing match and there isn’t a final bell. We do our best to get through the day, to get our lists checked off, to SURVIVE.

But we are not on this Earth just to survive in it. We each have a purpose (I believe) and it isn’t to live and pass through the time given to us. We can impact, we can change, we can THRIVE.

We get to choose to bring our whole-selves to each and every situation, or we can choose to just live through them (and sometimes that is all we can do, until the next choice).

Our bodies were innately given the ability to survive. It is truly amazing how everything inside of us works in unison to get that job done. If we are running out of water, our bodies will decrease water excretion, conserve fluids from other systems to try to keep that precious resource flowing. If we are injured, our immune systems kick up a notch to ward off infection to keep the injury from spreading. We adapt in order to survive.

What about our souls? We strive for connection, love, kindness, compassion… are these things necessary for survival? Some research shows they are, but not in the text-book sense.

My point is this: our bodies will survive because they are just that dang amazing. It is up to us to make the CHOICES that allow us to thrive. You deserve to thrive, as does everyone else living on this amazing spinning orb we call Earth. Do your best today to make the decisions that nourish your soul, and help others thrive right along with you.


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