If we were having coffee…


If we were having coffee together right now, and you asked me to recap my week…

I would tell you that I am fulfilled… and always looking to improve.

I would tell you, in all honesty, how extremely LUCKY I am to have the “job” that I have. I would tell you how each and every day, I am amazed at the wonderful people we meet and have the honor of helping.

I would tell you how truly AWE-some it is to have a mother and father hand me their child to check and if necessary adjust, in order to help promote health inside their family and to help their lovely child live a pain-free and fully “on” life.

I would tell you about the most amazing hug I received from a new patient kiddo who had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

I would tell you about my own inspiring family, about my son who is so intelligent, it scares me (in a good way), and my son who is so vibrant and full of life that he exudes peace, joy and goodness.

I would tell you about my wife, who is the world’s best mother and quite possible the world’s very best person. She loves everyone unconditionally, her soul shines (and everyone who meets her says the same).
I would regale you on success stories we were able to see first-hand in our office this week (a child off of heartburn medication that he had been taking for weeks at age 6 months, a mother who came into the office shuffling, because taking a normal step hurt too much and now is walking fully upright, a toddler who’s mother was told needed tubes in her ears for ear infections, but through care here she is improving and won’t need that surgery, a patient who “swore” he would need shoulder surgery, but through a few treatments here is back to playing basketball, about two children who’s parents were extremely concerned because neither child was eating well, and therefore couldn’t gain weight- and through gentle care here, both are asking for food and getting healthier and healthier, and I would tell you about the grandmother we get to treat that is now able to hold her grandchildren, when she couldn’t for years due to pain…) (and I would tell you these things without boasting, because they aren’t because of me, they are because of CHIROPRACTIC 🙂

I would tell you that the warmth I get from sipping this coffee pales in comparison to the fire that fuels my soul when I think about these things.

I would tell you how truly blessed I am, and that I cannot truly understand why…

I would also tell you, that I don’t want to know why I am so lucky, that I just want to be grateful, to never take a sip of this life for granted and to do my best to provide warmth for every single soul I have the honor to meet.

If we were having coffee together, I would thank you for your company, your time and your being and ask “what are you grateful for this week?”



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