Ding Ding!(it’s not what you think :)



Vishen Lakhiani (a business leader, writer and inspirational speaker) started something with his company/employees.  In weekly meetings, he has a bell that he calls the Bell of Awesomeness That Can Only Be Rung in Times of Complete Awesomeness (or something like that).  The bell is in the front of the room and is rung when an employee shares a success.  I love the idea, it is SO important to celebrate success and to cultivate gratitude! So at Lindeman Chiropractic, we started our own, but we don’t have a bell…we have Post-Its. When a patient says something great, or something great happens, we write them on a  sticky note and then share them with everyone else, we call them “Ding-Dings.”  Every year we go through and re-read all the ding-dings throughout the year. This year I decided to share. So here are some ding-dings we received at work that we truly are proud of!

“Your magic worked. We had been trying to get pregnant for a long time. I told you about it a while ago, you started adjusting a bit differently and using acupuncture points and now we are pregnant!”-Nicole S

“He’s the reason Ron is upright!”-Linda K

“I was able to sleep through he night, first time in a  LONG time”-Dave A

“I noticed I feel stronger, faster and more stable when I get adjusted here regularly”-Josh D

“My lower back was injured 40 years ago, I had a few chiropractors and physical therapists in the past, I came to you and now I stand straight and almost never have back pain.”-Chuck P

“My neck feels 100% better already after his fist treatment.”-Tre H/

“I was thinking today, I haven’t really even had a cold since I started coming to Lindeman Chiropractic. It’s amazing what chiropractic does!”-Judy E

“It does wonders! I’ve been gone too long!”-Wixie H

“Thank you all for caring so much.”-Melissa M

“Thank you so much, I tried going to a closer office but you guys are just the best. You are so thoughtful and people just aren’t as nice as you all!”-Chelsie R.

“Thank GOD my neighbor, Robert, told me about you guys. I am so grateful!”-Jackie R

“I come here because you all are awesome and make me feel so welcome!”-Dana T

“My youngest son loves when you help his back, my mom is feeling better already, and my older son is sleeping through the night since you’ve started treating him!”-Rosa A

“I felt better the minute I left last time.”-Robin S

“Even my sciatica is better and I’ve had that for decades. I feel great!”-Judy P

“I was actually able to play basketball yesterday, I haven’t been able to do that for years!”-Kathy W

“Thank you for your kindness, you all have treated me so well.”-Michelle N

“I’m feeling great. Thank you for not giving up!”-Cindy W

“A customer came in to the store (Endurance House) the other day and is training for their Triathlon. At least three people in the store said ‘Go see Dr. Lindeman, he is awesome!”-Mollie S.

“Oh my goodness, I feel so much better already!”-Florence V

“I’ve been feeling fantastic. Better than I’ve felt in years. I can get out of bed and walk without my feet killing me!”-Bob V.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am, I’ve had TMJ issues for weeks, got treated today and 100% better. I am so grateful I found this office!”- James M

“Thank you so much, this has been a God-send for us, Jude (3 year old) is doing so much better!”-Jude H

“I think your staff loves their jobs, they are always smiling!”-Judy E

“Last night was the first night I haven’t needed an ice pack for months.”-Lynda W

“What a rewarding profession, my quality of life has improved tremendously.-Edison S

“I can’t believe how even the arthritis in my feet is better.”-Gary W

“I had lower back pain for a few years and my girlfriend has been telling me to come see you, I feel great now, glad I finally listened.”-TJ H

“He has magic hands, I feel great every time I get adjusted.”-Jackie R

“My psoriasis has even gotten better without meds!”-Haley P

“Thank you so much for everything you do. You guys help me so much, I am so grateful you are in my life! You exude positivity, it’s truly awesome!”-Kathy D

“It’s amazing, I walked in here in a ton of pain in my foot and toe, you adjust me and it’s gone.”-Shaun A.

“Xane is sleeping so much better! This is working!”-Lauren C.

“The fluttering/tinnitus is GONE! Thank you.”-Bobbie K

“I had a horrible headache for over a week, you adjusted me and it’s gone!”-Tammy L

“If you ever have a job opening here, I’d work here, I just feel so good walking into your office!”-Sharon B

“We love you guys, and so does my sister. We could never go anywhere else!”-Tish S

“Dr Lindeman is as great as ever, that’s why I keep coming back.”-Dawn S

“Always a smiling face here. I love it! I’m getting results I never thought I would have, not just for what I came in for but with everything. Thank you!”-Merle R

“You’ve helped Kyle so much. It’s amazing the changes. He’s happier, feels better and is off the medication. It’s great!”-Lori K

“I have to tell you, the pain in my arm has been gone for days, I’ve slept full nights this week, I haven’t had that for months even with a bunch of medications.”-Marcella M

“You did wonders yesterday. I’m even riding my motorcycle again.”-Robert H

“I didn’t come last week because I felt so good! But I didn’t want to push it, so I had to come this week, I worked too hard to get here!”-Clara P

“Colin’s Occupational Therapist said that chiropractic is probably the reason he started crawling!”-Tonya H

“After getting adjusted these past few weeks, I was able to finish my first IronMan and I had no back or ankle pain!”-Molly S

“Haley is so sweet and Jessica is awesome, you hire the BEST people!”-Linda K

“Finally! I’ve been waiting all week to get in here!”-Lucy K (age 7)

“Thank you so much! Last week after my adjustment, I felt better than I’ve EVER felt.”-Edna G

“I love your practice. I love coming here. I am so grateful Andy found you!”-Paula N

“I’m feeling so much better. I am thoroughly impressed!”-Lois K

“I brought my whole family in here. I would bring more if I had a bigger family!”-Aliya M

“Your office feels so peaceful.”-Katie C

“It’s great, I feel so good I can actually pick up my granddaughter now.”-Burt N

“Peter had another EMG on his arm and the Neurologist said ‘If you told me you just had surgery, I still wouldn’t believe these results, they are fantastic.”-Patty K

“I just wanted to thank you again for the care you give my wife and I, you are the BEST doctor I have ever had and we don’t take your generosity lightly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”-Kurt A

“I didn’t think this technique was going to work because its so gentle. But I feel SO much better and my daughter said the same thing!”-Kathy E

“It’s amazing the last time I brought Evan (newborn) in, he was so congested and wouldn’t sleep, you treated him and when he left here he slept for 3 hours.”-Chamisa L

“My husband Eli was a ‘non-believer’ but yesterday he said ‘I believe everything they have in their office now, chiropractic helps my whole life'”-Lauren K

“You get a huge hug because I haven’t had a headache or migraine since coming in here!”-Bre K

“I even asked my husband to make sure I wasn’t crazy, Eloise (newborn) is spitting up a whole lot less since getting adjusted. He completely agreed!”-Mollie D

“We were sitting in the driveway and Jude was able o turn his eye all the way to the left. We had never seen him do that. He gets better overtime we walk out of your office!”-Lorie H

“Nikki and Sammie both gave your office glowing reviews, I am so glad I am here.”-Chazette S

“I haven’t been able to drive with my left hand, I’m left handed but my neck, shoulder, and arm pain has been so bad. I notice right after I left the office I was driving with my left hand!”-Gail F

“Compared to a few years ago, I feel great! I can do a lot of the things that used to cause me pain, and I don’t even have any discomfort!”-Elizabeth K

“Can’t thank you enough for the pain free shoulder! Swimming miles and miles each week was taking its toll on my body, but after being treated at Lindeman Chiropractic, my shoulder, feet and back have NEVER felt better. I just finished my second half marathon and I feel great. You have the most friendly people working for you as well! Thank you!!!!”-Kaira M

“Love this practice! Dr. J. has also been treating my 7 year old since she was 2. I always leave feeling better and so does she. Best doc ever!”-Therese M

“We cannot even begin to express how great Lindeman Chiropractic is!! We just love Dr Joel, and his staff!! My son has cystic fibrosis and has been getting adjustments since he was 6 months old…he is almost 3 now and we have been with Dr Joel since he was 1 1/2. Lindeman Chiropractic is just as an important part of my sons medical team as his CF doctors are, and we are so blessed to have Dr Joel to help us stay healthy and feeling great!!”-Nicole S

“I have nothing but gratitude for Dr. Lindeman and his top-notch team! Thanks for everything!”-David B

“I love Dr Joel! He’s an amazing guy and chiropractor and the only one who can adjust my neck without giving me a raging headache. He’s just the best!”-Melissa L

“I am doing great, my back is feeling awesome and I am down 15 lbs!”-Matt F

“Everyone here is Soooo sweet, it makes my visits that much better!”-Marie S

“Thank you, I feel better just being here. You’re a great man and we love your practice. We truly appreciate you guys.”-Beverly S

“Remember the first time I came in, I told you I didn’t ‘believe’ in chiropractic? Well… I LOVE YOU!”-Jessica S

“Give me a huge hug, you are amazing! I tell everyone about my chiropractic office.”-Jackie R

“Yesterday, I felt so much better leaving than I did coming in, I felt like skipping.”-Cecile

“If it wasn’t for chiropractic, I don’t know what I’d do.”-Mike D

“I thought I was definitely going to need shoulder surgery. You adjusted me a few times and the pain is gone.”-Shaun B

“Dr Lindeman is perfect! He is super friendly, clearly knows a lot about chiropractic, acupuncture and pediatrics. His staff are always friendly and attentive, a big plus. Definitely go here for your or your children’s chiropractic!”-Melissa L


So those are a few of our “ding-dings.” We are truly honored to help such awesome people, and our job is so rewarding and just plain awesome! THANK YOU!!!!

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