“I want to die on Mars, just not on impact”-Elon Musk

IMPACT! Such a powerful word. This time of year a plethora (I love that word and I am so glad I got to use it) of people decide (resolve) to make an impact on their lives for the entire year. We decide this year is “going to be different”, we look for and decide to impart big changes in our health, our lives, our mentality. The problem is many of us look at making a meteoric IMPACT right off the bat. Our vision of the impact we want to make is this:


Which isn’t necessarily bad… Until it is.  You see, when we decide to impart a HUGE change (lose 20 lbs, go to the gym everyday, give up pizza, only think positive thoughts, change the world), we may start out great, but then we hit a wall.  HUGE IMPACTS ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE.  Striving for big change is actually better if we decide to make smaller changes that over time make a larger and more lasting IMPACT on our lives.

“Dripping water hollows out stone, not by force but through persistence.”-Ovid

This is the type of IMPACT(S) we should be going for:


Make the BIG choice of the DECISION to change (that is METORIC), but the actual implementation of change should many times be instilled more gently.  Join a gym (not every class), start reading, meditate, get checked by a chiropractor, eat a little bit healthier…these all help to create habits that will have a drastic positive impact on ourselves and on our world.  So be water (as Bruce Lee would say) and not a fist…

Happy New Year, I’m hoping 2016 is enormously IMPACTFUL for you and your loved ones!

-Joel Lindeman D.C.

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