YOUR health goals

What are YOUR health goals?  The reason the “your” is emphasized is that your goals are… yours.  Some people want to run marathons, some want to play soccer, some want to be able to keep up with their grandchildren. You may just want the pain to stop, to feel better… or you may want to live better, live longer.  Whatever the case may be, your health goals are yours and yours alone.  Don’t ever try to fit into someone else’s vision of health.  You are not them. Chiropractic focuses on helping you achieve your goals.  There is an over 90% success rate of Chiropractic according to RAND studies.  The great thing is, that 90% includes people with all sorts of different health goals.  Can chiropractic help you achieve your goal of feeling better? YES! Can chiropractic help you function better? YES! Can chiropractic help your stride loosen up so you can run faster/further? YES! Can chiropractic help you lift your daughter without your shoulder hurting? YES! Can chiropractic help improve blood pressure? YES! (And the great thing there is studies show chiropractic helps NORMALIZE blood pressure. It isn’t about “lowering” it like medication does.  If you take medication and your blood pressure was normal, it would lower it… not good. If you have normal blood pressure and you get adjusted…your body will keep it normal :).  The point is chiropractic can help you achieve your health goals because chiropractic helps your body function the way it is SUPPOSED to function. The chiropractic adjustment removes interference and allows your body to work at it’s optimal level.

So whatever your goal, we are here to help! My hope for you is to live your life to it’s fullest and chiropractic is a KEY to doing just that!


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