Gentle Adjustments

First off, THANK YOU to everyone of our amazing patients! We were in the Broomfield as one of the top Chiropractic offices in Broomfield as voted on by the readers! That is 3 years in a row! THANK YOU, it is quite an honor to do what I love to do and to serve such amazing people! A million times, THANK YOU!


Now on to the purpose of today’s blog…

One of the biggest reasons people are reluctant to go to the Chiropractor, is a fear of the unknown.  They don’t know what to expect.  They may have heard stories of twisting, popping, cracking, un-natural pretzel-like twisting positions and more. The truth is, adjustments are precise, GENTLE, compassionate and effective!  I made a video to dispel the myth of the “crack doctor.”  I utilize a very gentle technique to help re-align vertebrae, relax muscles and ligaments and restore normal nervous system function.  Adjustments at my office don’t hurt ;).  Please watch the short video below that shows a typical treatment (once we have done a thorough consultation and examination to determine what to treat and how to treat it).  Thanks!

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