I didn’t think I would be stealing a line from the Beastie Boys for my Blog… but it works 🙂

Hello Everyone!

Communication… are you taking part?  We are so connected to everything around us by virtue of the internet/smartphones/facebook/twitter/tv… But do we take time to truly CONNECT through real communication with our families and friends?  It’s so easy to “like” something instead of TELLING someone something.  I am guilty. I use my cellphone throughout the day. In fact I use it to help me meditate, to listen to soothing music, to “disconnect from technology.” (There’s and app for that :)>  The point is, I am not saying get rid of your phones, get off the computer, cut the cord.  I use digital xray in the office, we have 6 computers running our office software, I blog, I facebook, I Twitter… I used to joke to my wife that she was always Pinbooking her Face-trest… seems I do the same.

The point is there needs to be a counter-balance.  Take time to REALLY connect with your family.  It is an all too common picture, mother, father, son, daughter all sitting at the kitchen table together… looking at their phones.  We made a rule in our house, no phones at the table! No phones before we all have breakfast together and not until we go for a walk in the morning to drop the kids at school.

People are pretty awesome! And the only way to truly know that is to communicate, to connect. In fact it is this drive for connection that pushes the cell phone usage so high.  We thirst for connection and we can get short-term dopamine and endorphin release by “connecting” through our devices.  Nothing wrong with that… until it takes the place of ACTUAL connection.

(Segue)…This also leads into chiropractic…(always have to connect it). Our nervous systems are designed to connect and control everything in our bodies. When there is a disconnect, the easy (short-term) fix is to reach for a pill.  It helps take our focus away from the disconnect.  The better (and longer-lasting option) is to restore the connection through chiropractic. I would be honored to help be your connector :).

(Back from segue)… Take time today to hug, call, read, and actually TALK to others.  You will be amazed at how real smiles are so much better than emoticons on a post :)!

4ibKbenxT smiling-baby

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