Every single day, we are gifted with 86,400 amazing things… 86,400 seconds/moments in time to fill with whatever we choose…

I was preparing for a talk to give to a group of other chiropractors about numbers and how they are just that… numbers.  I love being a Chiropractor, and I love that I own my own Chiropractic office.  One hat I need to wear (as do a LOT of other people) is that of a business owner. That being said, there are numbers that I need to pay attention to.  The problem isn’t the numbers, the problem begins when we put way too much meaning into these numbers than into the feeling, the purpose and the people behind the numbers. So back to the numbers listed above…

If it is a fact that we each get 86,400 seconds in a day (forget about the daylight savings stealing or adding to that number, just humor me on the average :), and if we estimate about 8 hours of those are used up sleeping (I know many get less than that), that equals 28,800 seconds sleeping. So that leaves each of us with 57,600 seconds to be up, around and about (or sitting on the couch watching the next best talent/singer show to come aroud). We all have things that demand our time: work, driving, eating, resting, hanging out with friends, family, etc.  When you think about it 57,600 of these seconds get used up VERY quickly!  It is so important to be aware of what you are spending this limited budget on.  Are we throwing this currency down the drain on wasted activities? Or are we enriching our lives, investing in connections with others, in reflecting time with ourselves, are we creating personal and inter-personal growth with this currency of time?  It is so easy to “waste” time, but in essence that is taking this currency and just throwing it into the gutter.

On another note, it isn’t always the AMOUNT of time you spend doing something, in fact what is more important is the DEPTH in those seconds.  Take for example a kiss.  If you love someone and they love you, I am willing to bet you would take one passionate kiss or one deeply caring hug than 35 “meh” ones… Quality is much more important than quantity.


So here is a challenge: take a look at your ‘bank account’, where are you spending these seconds? And are you being richly rewarded with your investment? You should be.  If you find areas that equate to sitting on the sidewalk and throwing the currency into the sewer… you might not want to invest in that activity.  If you find areas that you devote these seconds to and they liven you up, they enrich your life, they make you “feel that something” then by all means keep investing and maybe invest more time into these areas.  Don’t let your time slowly drain, do your best with each and every one of these seconds…

Also, I know that so many of the amazing people I get to see each day in my office devote a large chunk of these precious seconds each day to come into our office.  I actually was thinking and I know that sometimes patients can take thousands of these seconds just to drive in to see us.  I promise, we don’t take that fact lightly.  I also know that the visits in our office take substantially less time than it takes getting into the office.  But I promise you this… we will NEVER let you put forth more effort into getting in here for treatment than we will put into giving it.  I promise we will always greet you with a smile, we will always have time for you, we will do our absolute best to ensure that Lindeman Chiropractic is THE BEST place you have been today (besides home ;). I am so grateful for Chiropractic, and for the fact that I can use gentle, non-invasive techniques to help remove interference to help you feel better and to LIVE BETTER! At Lindeman Chiropractic, we are constantly working on ways to improve ourselves personally and as a team so that we can provide the best possible compassionate care…and to use only as many of your precious seconds as is absolutely necessary.


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