Learning How to Serve Better!

This past weekend, my staff and I attended a seminar in Kansas City.  While these seminars can be considered “Chiropractic” seminars, what we generally take home with us is much more than that.  Perhaps we are just lucky enough to work in such an awesome profession where we get to serve our patients directly and the patient’s satisfaction is directly tied to how deeply we care for them. But, the biggest takeaways from this weekend were:

Always be kind.

Listen. Love. Learn.

Service is a privilege.

No one really cares how much you know, but they want to FEEL how much you care!


Strive valiantly every day in the pursuit of providing a better service.

Don’t ever be a member of the “I’ve made it!” club.

Always Improve.

Those are just a few of the lessons we learn.  I know they can be applied in all aspects of life and I am so grateful for the wonderful teachers I can emulate and learn from.  So these “chiropractic” seminars do help our office provide better Chiropractic care…. by being better at CAREing for everyone we get the chance to meet, inside and outside of our office.  For that I am incredibly thankful!

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