Be Grateful-You Will Live Longer

funny thank you quotes

Hello there!

Have you taken a few seconds to think about what you are grateful for today?  If you have-GREAT! If not- you should!  Practicing (yes it is called that for a reason, you need to practice gratitude) Gratitude has been shown to boost your immune system, lower stress, improve breathing, improve blood flow and decrease pain.  So thinking of things you are grateful for benefits you a whole lot more than you think.  Have you ever noticed that when you consciously think of things you are thankful for…more things you are thankful for come to mind, or those things you are thankful for grow?  Coincidence? I don’t think so, but even if so… why not work that coincidence and keep on feeling better! At our office, we have a gratitude blog that we all write in each morning. It is a great way to start the day!

At our house, we talk with our children (and each other) about 3 things we are grateful for that happened each day before we go to bed.  It is amazing that even during times of stress (those won’t disappear completely), just pausing, taking deep breaths and thinking about gratitude helps reverse that pull and lightens everything.

So: THANK YOU for all of you reading this, sharing this and smiling.  I am grateful!

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