Gentle Adjustments

I am often asked about how we adjust at Lindeman Chiropractic.  A lot of people have misconceptions about chiropractic adjustments. They think it needs to  have a loud “crack” or “pop”, they think they will be put into all sorts of twisted positions, they think it will hurt.  The above video is an example of how I adjust most patients.  Chiropractic doesn’t hurt! In fact it feels Grrrrrreeeaat! (sorry Tony the Tiger :).  Using specific force, gentle pressure in the correct line of drive, the vertebrae (or other structure) can be manipulated to help the body fall into it’s normal position and to remove nerve interference.  In fact we are always getting compliments from our patients on how easy the adjustment is and how good they feel.

Kathy E told us “I didn’t think this technique would work as I was used to much more forceful adjustments.  But I feel SO much better! My daughter said the same thing, thank you!”

Brad B said “It is amazing, his technique is so gentle, but I feel tremendously better already!”

I am truly honored and blessed to treat entire families in our office, people from 1 day old to 89 years young and everything in-between.  The technique I use is incredibly gentle, beneficial and overwhelmingly successful!  I am thankful for the ability to serve the Broomfield (and surrounding) community and look forward to continuing on my mission to help as many people as I possibly can!

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