My adjustment table at home

table at home

HELLO EVERYONE!  This is the adjustment table I have at my home. It is just steps inside the front door.  My wife is an active mother and (all around amazing) and I adjust her AT LEAST weekly at home.  I also check my children, family, their children, friends and neighbors weekly (if not more, especially with my own children).  I love what I do, and I love that I can do it at my house when needed. If and when my children are feeling run down or sick, I make sure to adjust them to boost their immune system.  They both are active in soccer so I make sure to check them after practices/games.  If they aren’t sleeping great, first thing we check is their spine.  It may seem strange to some, but I know how important their spines are…

I often get asked about adjusting children, do they need it, why would they get adjusted, etc…YES children should be checked and adjusted if needed.  The reasons are MANY: the Nervous System controls every single thing in the body (every tissue, organ and cell).  My job as a chiropractor is to find interference to the Nervous System (which usually occurs in the spine as the spine houses the spinal cord and from there all the nerves exit to everywhere else in the body).  If and when these areas of interference are found, I then GENTLY, adjust the spine to help restore normal communication and then the body can “do it’s thing.”  I have the tremendous pleasure of treating entire families in my chiropractic practice in Broomfield, Colorado.  People from ages 1 (actually 1 day old) to 91 (my eldest patient so far, but I hope to treat patients older than that too, more on that in another article) come in to feel better, but more importantly to give their bodies the ability to live better. So, the next time you are over, or are passing by and want me to check you or your kiddos, please let me know, I would be honored to do so! Of course you can always call and come see us at our office too (3303 W 144th Ave Ste 200, 303-469-2300.

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